The Most Calming CBD Joints, Hands Down.

Exhale stress with Peace Doobies. We use only tasty, premium organic CBD flower grown right here in the USA.

CBD is a 100% psychoactive-free compound extracted from the cannabis plant. Unlike typical cannabis, CBD will not get you high. This means when you use CBD, you’re only getting the high-quality medical properties that can help with pain, sleep and much more without the traditional high of canabis.

Why People Love Peace Doobies…

What’s In A Peace Doobie?

Each Peace Doobie contains 150mg of CBD. Find your peace with our doobies. Our slow burning 100% organic and biodegradable hemp papers make for the best tasting, healing CBD pre rolls around. Every single doobie is rolled, human checked for any perfection, and put in a smell proof tube. Lab tested and approved by an independent lab lets you know that we only use the best CBD flower, anywhere.

What Can Peace Doobies Do For Your Business?

Here at AtPeaceCBD we pride ourselves in giving you premium products at a competitive price. Peace Doobies are perfect for your business because we do all the hard work for you. We will give you sales material, super fast shipping times, and already made pre-roll that sell themselves. We don’t look for wholesale accounts, we look for wholesale partners. We create relationships and will work with you to accommodate your needs and expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! CBD is non-psychoactive and 100% legal in the United States. When smoking CBD you’re only get the health benefits without the high.

If you’re a consumer, Peace Doobies can be found in many retail stores all around the United States. If you’re a retailer/wholesaler looking to sell Peace Doobies please contact us.

One case (24) pre-rolls is our minimum.  With this you’ll also receive a case and sales material to help sell Peace Doobies to your customers.

Yes we do! We can help your business add it’s own line of premium CBD pre-rolled joints with your own label on it. Contact us for more information!